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Conditions for the Sale of Vouchers  :

Our vouchers are provided by Swiss Stay Deals, a marketing company specializing in creating marketing experiences and assistance vouchers for hotels in Switzerland.

1. Validity of Gifts:

- Vouchers are only available for occupancy according the specified date hotel, and you can redeem 2 years after your purchase, 

2. Usage:

- You may contact the corresponding hotel within 7 days via email upon receiving the voucher. from SwissStayDeals and email :

3. Refund:

- Refunds will be processed within 30 days of purchase. After this period, responsibility lies with the customer, who should contact the hotel directly.once your voucher is redeemed at the hotel you can cancel or change date 14 days before your arrival 

4. Restrictions during Peak Periods:

For the months of February, July, August and from December 20 to January 10, reservations require a minimum stay of 3 days. Alternatively, additional nights can be booked for CHF 189 per night, including breakfast.


5. Room Upgrade:

- The availability of an upgrade to a superior room depends on the voucher value:
  - Voucher valued at 199 CHF: Additional charge of 60 CHF per week and 75 CHF on weekends.
  - Voucher valued at a minimum of 149 CHF: Additional charge of 99 CHF, plus an additional 15 CHF on weekends.


If the customer has a voucher for a double room for two people and wishes to add a child or an additional adult, it is necessary to upgrade to a higher category room, with an additional charge ranging from 60 to 75 CHF, depending on the voucher value. In addition, individual tax fees for each additional person apply, namely 40 CHF per adult and 30 CHF per child. Please note that for a suite or an additional room, a fee of 99 CHF per person applies, and this amount does not include the tourist tax.

6. Tourist Tax:

- The tourist tax is not included in the voucher price.

7. Voucher Contents:

- Only services explicitly stated in the document are included in the voucher.

8. Voucher Reception:

- After purchase, an email will contain a voucher in PDF format with a unique code sent to the customer. The voucher is presented at the hotel reception for redemption.

9. Code Responsibility:

- The voucher code is strictly personal and non-transferable. Use by another person is not permitted.

10. Additional Prices for Children:

- The extra charge of 30 CHF per child is not included in the room rate.

11. Additional Offers (to be purchased separately):

- Additional offers may only be available at the hotel reception or directly through us, with the following rates:
  - Thermal baths entry tickets: 29 CHF per person.
  - Gemmi cable car ticket: 18 CHF per person.
  - Special 3-course dinner: 119 CHF for two people.
  - Dinner, fondue, or pizza: 89 CHF for two people.
  - Additional night in a double room with a small overnight fee: 159 CHF.
  - Additional night in a luxury room: 199 CHF.
  - Additional night in a luxury spa: 299 CHF.

Note: Additional rates do not include separate shipping costs for adults and children.

Payment Rules:

Payment for vouchers on our platform is simple and secure. We accept various payment methods, including major credit cards. Payment information is encrypted and transmitted over a secure SSL connection to ensure the confidentiality and security of your financial data. Upon payment confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email with your personal gift voucher and a unique code.

Delivery of Vouchers:

Gift vouchers are sent electronically via email to the address provided before processing the purchase agreement. Each voucher is associated with a unique code to ensure security and uniqueness. Please ensure you provide a correct email address. Note that vouchers are intended for the buyer's account and cannot be transferred. We would like to point out that not every guest in partner hotels listed on our platform can redeem a voucher.

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