Question about our offres

-Can Wonderbox / Cadeaux24/Smartbox  be used as a payment method and can we book directly with you? Yes, just send us the 12 or 16 -digit code

- Wonderbox website says that entry to the pool is included: Which pool does this offer apply to?

Is it enough that entry to the bath is booked upon arrival or does it have to be booked in advance?
Yes, you win 2 tickets for the Alpentherme with the right to 3 hours of bathing.

- How far is the hotel from the bath?About 2 minutes walking

-What other additional services can you offer to make your stay in Leukerbad as pleasant as possible?
We have the Gemmibahn for 18 CHF per person and a wonderful dinner for two in our sumptuous and stylish restaurant "La Piazzetta" or "Walliserkanne" for only 100 CHF for two.

-What else is there to consider with the Wonderbox and is there anything else about Leukerbad that you should know before you arrive?

Leukerbad has a ski area and thermal water in abundance. With the reservation letter you will get 10% discount on the main tourist attractions

And the parking issue. Does the hotel have its own car park and does it need to be booked in advance?
Yes, we have a parking lot at 10 CHF for 24 hours

You will receive all the details about the car park in your email.

We are waiting for your confirmation of the new date and your Wonderbox code number